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Advantages And Disadvantages Of Coaxial Cable Pdf

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A coaxial cable is employed to transfer a signal from a radio or tv transmitter to an antenna. This kind of cable is made up of cords inside and an outer metal braid mesh separated by a foam-like insulation material known as the dielectric.

It increases the production efficiency and it links to the logistics system. These forms of transport charged set fares that depend on the distance of travel and run on fixed routes. I assume by cable transport you mean a gondola or tram.

What are the disadvantages of coaxial cables?

Network cables are used in communication systems around the world. Using the correct cable will ensure the best performance of the network. Therefore, whether the correct cable is selected according to the requirements of the system will play a crucial role in whether the installed communication system can play an ideal use effect. Each type of cable has different uses and has specific advantages. If the wrong cable is installed, it will not reach the ideal performance level of the system. When choosing the right cable for the network to achieve the best performance, there are many factors to consider, including:. Starting from the above five aspects, this article briefly summarizes the advantages and disadvantages of the three most commonly used cables, coaxial cable , twisted pair , and fiber optic cable.

This is the good differentiation i have ever come across for the coaxial cable. Really liked it. Thanks a ton. Digital Coaxial cable. Thank you for this posting. Very helpful writing.

The data transmission characteristics of coaxial cable are better than twisted-pair cable. It can be used for broadband transmission. Disadvantages of Coaxial Cable 1. Expensive compared to twisted pair cables. The coaxial cables are not compatible with twisted pair cables.

advantages and disadvantages of cable

The advent and continuous growth of information technology has put more emphasis on the speed at which data can be relayed from one point to another. Although data transfer can still occur wirelessly, the fastest and more reliable way of transmitting data is by way of wire connection. We will write a custom Essay on Fibre Optic vs. Both fiber optic and coaxial cables are used for purposes of transmitting data between different ends. This paper seeks to discuss the two types of wires used for data transmission, and in particular analyze the advantages and disadvantages that each type has over the other.

While selecting the cable, a type of data transfer, purpose, advantages, and disadvantages taken into consideration. Twisted pair cables consist of color-coded pairs of insulated copper wires, one wire carries the signal, and the other is used for ground reference. Every two wires are twisted around each other to form pairs that are encased in a plastic sheath each wire with a diameter of 0. The number of pairs varies depending on the cable type. More twists per foot in a pair of wires, less the cross talk.

Advantages of Coaxial Cable

Orders delivered to U. Learn more. The second transmission medium to be introduced was coaxial cable often called coax , which began being deployed in telephony networks around the mids. Figure 2. In the center of a coaxial cable is a copper wire that acts as the conductor, where the information travels.

Coaxial Cable – Write Short Note on Coaxial Cable

Types of Cables, Purpose, Advantages, Disadvantages, Applications

The dielectric insulator may be polyethylene foam or PTFE which minimizes ohmic losses arising from contact with the conductors. A common choice is PVC. Advantages of shielded twisted pair cable STP : Shielding reduces the chance of crosstalk and provides protection from interference. Lighter weight makes fiber easier to install.

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Fibre Optic vs. Coaxial Cables: Advantages and Disadvantages Essay

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➨It is less susceptible to noise or interference (EMI or RFI) compare to twisted pair cable. ➨It supports high bandwidth signal transmission compare to twisted pair.



Coaxial cable assemblies are easy to install and very durable. Because the coaxial cable has the best performance in a short distance, it is very suitable for home.



Coaxial cables are the guided media that carnes the signal of higher frequency range compared to twisted pair cable.


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