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The role of microfluidics in protein formulations with pre-programmed functional characteristics

Javascript is currently disabled in your browser. Several features of this site will not function whilst javascript is disabled. Received 19 August Published 3 December Volume Pages — Review by Single anonymous peer review. Editor who approved publication: Dr Doris Benbrook. Nevertheless, the challenges of producing therapies with targeted attributes via standardized processes may hinder the development of protein formulations and clinical translation of the advanced therapies.

Improving protein therapeutics with sustained-release formulations

Since , Neurelis has been dedicated to providing solutions for unmet medical needs. To this end, we have acquired delivery technologies to enhance drug development and performance. We leverage these technologies in our own products as well as in products being developed by our partners. Compatible with routine liquid formulation and dispensing processes for ease of scale-up and production. ProTek protein technology aids in stabilization that prevents the clustering of proteins and peptides, thus reducing immunogenicity.

Pharmaceutical formulation , in pharmaceutics , is the process in which different chemical substances, including the active drug , are combined to produce a final medicinal product. The word formulation is often used in a way that includes dosage form. Formulation studies involve developing a preparation of the drug which is both stable and acceptable to the patient. For orally administered drugs, this usually involves incorporating the drug into a tablet or a capsule. It is important to make the distinction that a tablet contains a variety of other potentially inert substances apart from the drug itself, and studies have to be carried out to ensure that the encapsulated drug is compatible with these other substances in a way that does not cause harm, whether direct or indirect. Preformulation involves the characterization of a drug's physical, chemical, and mechanical properties in order to choose what other ingredients excipients should be used in the preparation. Formulation studies then consider such factors as particle size , polymorphism , pH , and solubility , as all of these can influence bioavailability and hence the activity of a drug.


Formulating protein therapeutics into nanoparticles NPs of poly lactic- co -glycolic acid PLGA provides key features such as protection against clearance, sustained release and less side effects by possible attachment of targeting ligands. These NPs also offer the potential for protein combination therapy, which is expected to exploit synergetic bioresponses, avoid multiple dosage regimens and consequent mis-dosing. Since the conventional manufacture of protein-loaded PLGA NPs is still associated with low-throughput, new continuous manufacturing methods such as microfluidics have been established. The microfluidic setup allowed a production rate of around 7 g of particles per day and demonstrated scale-up capacity. Model proteins were released in a controlled manner and without significant changes in their secondary structure.

Since the discovery of insulin and its therapeutic application to the treatment of diabetes early in the 20th century, proteins and peptides have held enormous attraction as potential therapeutic agents. Many peptides demonstrate high potency and selectivity while exhibiting essentially no chemical toxicity as they metabolize to naturally occurring amino acids. In spite of the many attractive aspects of peptides and proteins as potential therapeutics, their susceptibility to denaturation and hydrolysis in the gastrointestinal tract has necessitated administration by injection, and this remains their major shortcoming as drugs. As a result, while the range of clinical indications for therapeutic peptides and proteins is substantial, the actual number of such therapeutics in general use today, though growing, is quite small compared with the number of chemically synthesized orally bioavailable small molecule drugs. Literally dozens of excipients have been tested as potential enhancers of transmucosal absorption in the hope that alternate non-invasive means of administering peptides and proteins might be achieved.

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Protein formulation and delivery

Practical Approaches to Protein Formulation Development

This handy reference provides insight into the approach used to identify the stability profile of a molecule that comes at the end of the drug registration process, and supplies an in-depth review of the mechanisms and associated causes of proteinMoreThis handy reference provides insight into the approach used to identify the stability profile of a molecule that comes at the end of the drug registration process, and supplies an in-depth review of the mechanisms and associated causes of protein instability likely to be encountered during drug formulation development. What the hell are you supposed to do after sex. Life yep, that s his name! So, effective motivation is the ability to continuously breathe life into So, I connect the work I do on a daily basis back to my WHY.

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Thank you for visiting nature. You are using a browser version with limited support for CSS. To obtain the best experience, we recommend you use a more up to date browser or turn off compatibility mode in Internet Explorer. In the meantime, to ensure continued support, we are displaying the site without styles and JavaScript. Although numerous protein therapeutics have been approved or are in advanced clinical testing, the development of more sophisticated delivery systems for this rapidly expanding class of therapeutic agents has not kept pace. The short in vivo half-lives, the physical and chemical instability, and the low oral bioavailability of proteins currently necessitate their administration by frequent injections of protein solutions. This problem can be overcome by use of injectable depot formulaions in which the protein is encapsulated in, and released slowly from, microspheres made of biodegradable polymers.

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Pharmaceutical formulation

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This title is intended to assist pharmaceutical scientists in the development of stable protein formulations during the early stages of the product development.



As is the case with other pharmaceuticals, formulation development is one of the critical steps in developing a protein as a therapeutic product.


Tearlach B.

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