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Same Environment, Stratified Impacts? Kulkarni, Vani S.

To do so, a productive, competitive, diversified and sustainable agricultural sector will need to emerge at an accelerated pace. India is a global agricultural powerhouse. The country has some m ha under cultivation of which some 63 percent are rainfed roughly m ha while 37 percent are irrigated 70m ha.

Migration in India and the impact of the lockdown on migrants

The population is the key to Sustainable development or sustainable life on Earth. Changes in the demography of a region have deep-rooted impacts globally; Economic, political, environmental, and cultural; every aspect of the area has the population in its core. This is also important for the 'Geography section' of state PCS and other government competitive exams. A detailed analysis of this topic is covered in this article. Prior estimation of the population is necessary for the governments to formulate policies accordingly and ensure preparedness to accommodate the increasing needs of basics of a decent life with increasing population. This population is projected to be increased to 8. The population across the globe is not same or evenly distributed.

In demographics, the world population is the total number of humans currently living. The world population was estimated to have reached 7. In various parts of globe, there is unparalleled rapid demographic change and the most noticeable example of this change is the vast expansion of human. It is expected that in near future, it will increase rapidly and give birth to numerous issues in the least developed regions. It is recommended that there is a desperate need to take urgent steps to control population otherwise serious problems can arise such as environment damage and restricted availability of food resources. Constant growth of population is a major issue and therefore it is significant to understand how policy makers can manage population growth for the benefit of society.

In news:. World to see the peak. What are the causes of population explosion? In India, the causes of overpopulation are as follows:. High Birth Rate.

Population and Associated Issues

The nationwide lockdown was imposed in India following novel coronavirus pandemic. In this paper, we discuss socio-economic, health and National healthcare challenges following lockdown, with focus on population belonging to low socio-economic stratum SES. A literature search was conducted using PubMed and Google Scholar. In addition, existing guidelines including those by Ministry of Health and Family Welfare, Government of India, and articles from several non-academic sources e. While the nationwide lockdown has resulted in financial losses and has affected all segments of society, the domino effect on health, healthcare and nutrition could possibly pose major setbacks to previously gained successes of National health programs.

The lockdown has severely impacted migrants, several of whom lost their jobs due to shutting of industries and were stranded outside their native places wanting to get back. Since then, the government has announced relief measures for migrants, and made arrangements for migrants to return to their native place. In this blog, we highlight some facts about migration in India, summarise key relief measures announced by the government and directives issued by the Supreme Court for the migrant population in relation to the lockdown. Overview of Migration. Migration is the movement of people away from their usual place of residence, across either internal within country or international across countries borders.

Population & Associated Issues GS: 1 "EMPOWER IAS"

Human consumption is depleting the Earth's natural resources and impairing the capacity of life-supporting ecosystems. Humans have changed ecosystems more rapidly and extensively over the past 50 years than during any other period, primarily to meet increasing demands for food, fresh water, timber, fibre and fuel. Such consumption, together with world population increasing from 2.

Human population are also theme to usual process of birth and death. World is facing major challenge of rapid increase in human population since last many decades, UNFPA, In various parts of globe, there is unparalleled rapid demographic change and the most noticeable example of this change is the vast expansion of human. It is expected that in near future, it will increase rapidly and give birth to numerous issues in the least developed regions.

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India: Issues and Priorities for Agriculture

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Population policies, programmes and the environment

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Increase in population in India: · Early Marriage and Universal Marriage System: Even though the marriageable age of a girl is legally 18 years.


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