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As Kirk [1], Davis [2], and others have pointed out, it demands intervention in terms of rational commitments and not neo-Malthusian statements of catastrophe.

Universidad de Monterrey. Al-Yousif, Fumitaka Furuoka, World Bank,

Population Growth and Economic Development

Population growth plays a conflicting role in the development process of a country. It helps economic development and it retards economic development. To the Greek philosophers, about 2, years ago, population growth was undesirable as it adversely affects economic development. Plato B. Aristole B. Sir William Petty presented an optimistic outlook on population growth.

In this article we will discuss about the relationship between population growth and economic development of a country. Population growth helps the process of development in certain ways and hampers it in certain other ways. On the positive side, an increasing population means an increase in the supply of labour— a basic factor of production. It is to be noted that human labour, assisted by necessary tools and implements, was always and still is the greatest productive asset of nations. A growing population leads to an increasing total output.

The relationship between population growth and economic growth in Mexico

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Growth and Development pp Cite as. So that, strictly conceived, the point up to which, on utilitarian principles, population ought to be encouraged to increase is not that at which average [emphasis added] happiness is the greatest possible — as appears to be often assumed by political economists of the school of Malthus — but at which the product formed by multiplying the number of persons living into the amount of average happiness reaches its maximum. Unable to display preview. Download preview PDF. Skip to main content. This service is more advanced with JavaScript available.

The link between population growth and economic development is among. the older issues in social science, particularly because of its association. with the.

Perspectives in Biology and Medicine

Many people know that development shapes population trends—for example, rising incomes usually lead to falling birthrates. But the reverse is also true: population trends can impede or hasten development. CGD's work on population focuses on this often neglected interaction.

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Population and Development Review seeks to advance knowledge of the relationships between population and social, economic, and environmental change and provides a forum for discussion of related issues of public policy.


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The link between population growth and economic development is among the older issues in social science, particularly because of its association with the.


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