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There are various types of inductors are available in the market based on its ratings and sizes and ratings. Their physical sizes differ from small sizes to the enormous transformer, based on the AC frequency being used and power being handled.

Types of Inductors and Applications

Inductors perform a number of different styles of function within a circuit. Some types can be used for filtering and removing spikes on power lines, others are used within high performance filters. Others may be used within oscillators, and there are many other areas where inductors can be used. As a result of this, there are many different types of inductor that can be obtained. Size, frequency, current, value, and many other factors means that there is a whole host of different types and forms of inductor. Although there are many different types of inductor, they all comply with the same basic laws of nature.

As one of the basic passive components, inductors fill an important role in electronics applications, from starting engines to delivering power to your house. Inductors store energy in a magnetic field when current flows through it. A typical inductor uses insulated wire wrapped into a coil around a central core. As useful as inductors are, the biggest problem is their physical size. Inductors often dwarf other electronic components in a circuit and add weight as well. Some techniques simulate a large inductor in a circuit. However, the added complexity and additional components limit where these techniques are used.

Different Types of Inductor and Its Applications

There are different types of inductors used in the industry. Therefore It is important to know about the specific type of inductor before buying it. We have already shared a detailed post about inductors? Below, we will discuss different types inductors based on different factors and their applications. The core of the inductor plays an important role in its characteristics. Some types of inductors classified according to their core material are given below:.

There are different types of inductors. Depending on their material type they are basically categorized as follows. Ceramic is the most commonly used material for inductor cores. Since ceramic has no magnetic properties, there is no increase in the permeability value due to the core material. Its main aim is to give a form for the coil. In some cases it will also provide the structure to hold the terminals in place.

Types of Inductors and Applications

Different types of inductors are available based on sizes and ratings. Their physical sizes vary from tiny sizes to the huge transformer, depending on the power being handled and the frequency of AC being used. As one of the basic components used in electronics , inductors are extensively used in much wider application areas like signal controlling, noise elimination, voltage stabilization, power electronic equipments, automobile operations etc. A diverse electronic component used in a wide range of applications requires various types of inductors. These are of different shapes, sizes including the wire wound and multilayer inductors.

Inductors are available in different shapes and has different uses. Their sizes vary depending upon the material used to manufacture them. The main classification is done as fixed and variable inductors.

There are only three basic components in any electronic circuit design- resistor, capacitor, and inductor.

Types of Inductors and Their Applications

An inductor , also called a coil , choke , or reactor , is a passive two-terminal electrical component that stores energy in a magnetic field when electric current flows through it. When the current flowing through the coil changes, the time-varying magnetic field induces an electromotive force e. According to Lenz's law , the induced voltage has a polarity direction which opposes the change in current that created it.

Gowanda designs and manufactures Bobbin Wound Inductors for a variety of power supply and power conversion applications. A Bobbin Wound Inductor is a inductor that is designed with the coil wound on a coil form or bobbin. The core structure is then mounted to the bobbin.

Depending on the application there are many types of inductors, they come in various form factors, there are high-frequency inductors.

Inductors serve a variety of essential functions in electronic systems

As electronic devices become more advanced, the power supply voltage of LSIs used in them is lowered, so their power consumption can be reduced and their speed increased. However, a decrease in the power supply voltage also causes the requirements regarding voltage fluctuations to become more severe, creating a need for high-performance DC-DC converters to fulfill these characteristic requirements, and power inductors are important components that greatly affect their performance. TDK has a widely varied lineup of power inductor products, and this article describes and explains effective methods for using power inductors, and key points for selecting them, according to the required characteristics of DC-DC converters. Although inductors coils are capable of transmitting direct current smoothly, if the current varies they will generate electromotive force to obstruct those fluctuations. This is known as self-induction , and with alternating current it has the property of obstructing transmission to the point where it can appears at higher frequencies. Therefore, if a current is passed through an inductor it will be accumulated as energy, and if the current is interrupted this energy will be discharged. Power inductors are components which effectively apply this property and are used primarily in power supply circuits for equipment such as DC-DC converters.

Basic Electronics - Types of Inductors

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5 Applications of Inductors You Should Know


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