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Experienced in Siebel - CRM? Siebel CRM is the one complete solution for customer related management applications. It supports Siebel applications and provides platform for developing, deploying, and other services. It has two variants, Enterprise version and On Demand.

Siebel Interview Questions and Answers Collection

M: 1 What is horizontal and vertical in siebel? Where do we find it? The join between a base table and its extension table is called implicit. The name of implicit join is same name as the extension table. Similarly implicit join exists between a base table and its Inter Section table as well.

If the table type property is other than Extension, it can be extended. What is an extension table and how is it related to base table? Table of type extension are additional tables with implicit relationships to its parent base table, the table it logically extends.

They provide additional columns that you can use to store data. Is it possible to have multiple database servers for one gateway server? No What is All Mode Sort? What does Business Component View Mode indicate? It defines allowable access control mechanisms that can be applied to the business component in any view What is the view mode of following bcs? PickList Hierachical has more field than PickList Generic and it is used for creating hierarchical picklist. What is the base table of Account, Contact bc?

This is the base table for all party business components. List different party type? What is the intersection table of party entities? Using wizard How does bc and applet related? M: 1 What does an opportunity, account contact do in Siebel?

Why do you need to create employees at the database in Siebel? How do you control visibility in Siebel? Visibility control can be done at 2 levels. By using BusComp View Mode. This is a child object of Business Component. Spooling is the process of extracting sql queries that gets fired in the database. This can be achieved in 2 ways. Yes, we can call server script from browser script, but the reverse is not true. What is force active property of field?

When Force Active is TRUE, the field is queried each time the business component is instantiated, even when the field is not exposed on the user interface. The data value is always retrieved from the database. It indicates the db engine to include this column in the select statement. What is Link Specification property of field? What is Long List property of Picklist?

It specifies whether the Siebel application should attempt to position the cursor on the current value in a long list of values. How will you do validations in configuration? Like New, Query, Delete. I want Activate Button also. What difference between join specification and join definition? Join specification is the child object of Join definition. What is the difference between LOV and Picklist?

It is used to call external webpage from siebel application. How to run genbscript. The binding happens at the run time. It is used to M:M relationship. What is the difference between MVG applet and a pick Applet?

We associate MVG applet with an mvf control control based on mvf and Pick Applet with a picklist control control based on picklist field. What is applet toggle how many types are there? It identifies one or more alternate applets to use in displaying the data of a business component.

Toggle is of 2 types i. Static and Dynamic toggles. How do you achieve it? Ans By using Dynamic Toggle. If a created view cannot be seen, what can be the reasons?

What are the basic entities in Siebel? Application Architecture of Siebel 8. What are the ways to save a record?

What is the best practice to populate default values during EIM? You want to change the fonts in your Siebel Application. From where you can do that? EIM status is partially imported. What does this mean?

What are the businesses external to your company? What is a visibility rule in Siebel? How will it be controlled from the Application lev el. What is the difference between HI client and SI client? You added a new column to list applet but you cant see, why?

How you can be sure that it is not used? For a required field, there does not exist legacy data. What we should do? What are the candidates for assignment? What is customer data? Where the enterprise profile file is located? In which environment? You created a new view but you cannot see it. What can be the reasons?

What is database authentication? Where the information is stored for the contacts? You created a task but cannot see it when you login to the application. What can be the issue. How can a user see contacts screen before accounts screen? State model is based on what? What are the required architectural components for a Siebel deployment to run properly? What is master data? Which authentication method s support user self management? How can be visibility defined for business components?

We added a new field to a view and want it to be always a positive number and not null.. What are the score candidates? Which environments I can use to export and activate a workflow? You deploy a user list, then added more users. What happens if you restore enterprise? How can you query an MVG Field? We want to show a new field in a view, describe the configuration strategy..

What are the sets of parameters that may be used by multiple components? Where does xml come into picture in eai? What are third party eai tools How do you configure a MVG? Create link between parent and child bc Create an mvl in parent bc referring the above link Create mvf in parent bc using the above mvl Create an mvg applet based on child bc Add the mvg applet to the applet control and set the run time property to true. How do you configure a dynamic picklist? Create a picklist based on pick bc Associate the picklist with the parent bc field.

Top Obiee Interview Questions And Answers

What difference between Fields and single value fields? What is complex join? Difference with Foreign key Primary Key join? PK-FK joins are always 1-N , whereas complex joins can have 1 — 0,1 and 0,1 — N kind of relationships. What is Localisation?

Siebel CRM Interview Questions and Answers

Thanks for the questions and Answers. It helped me a lot in preparing for interview. Thanks for the collection. There is no need to got to other website for Siebel Interview Question Answers. This site rocks!!!!

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Siebel - CRM Interview Questions & Answers

In Siebel interview, many companies take online test first and then face to face round. Types of web template files, choose 3. Ans: A, B, D. Find out all party entities, choose 2. Ans: B, D.

Ans: CRM composes are grouped into three classifications. Ans: The snag for CRM accomplishment to an association incorporates. Non-attendance of a reasonable changeover process The primary spotlight is on item deal and topographical division of advertisement. Fundamental execution estimations are not followed Feeble utilitarian association of an organization Absence of reaction to clients input and suggestions Presenting other innovation without actualizing the essential structure Aspired to become a Siebel CRM? Ans: A portion of the difficulties that the association needs to confront is.

M: 1 What is horizontal and vertical in siebel? Where do we find it? The join between a base table and its extension table is called implicit. The name of implicit join is same name as the extension table. Similarly implicit join exists between a base table and its Inter Section table as well. If the table type property is other than Extension, it can be extended. What is an extension table and how is it related to base table?

+ TOP Siebel CRM Interview Questions and Answers ? if we upgrade the application to from what are the areas we need to give importance from QA(Testing) point of view? Siebel CRM Questions and Answers Pdf Download.

Siebel Configuration Interview Questions & Answers

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What difference between Fields and single value fields?


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How will you create Interactive Dashboards?


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