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Commvault frequently asked interview questions - With best described answers

According to Forbes, there are wonderful opportunities for freshers and experienced candidates in the tech market. The share value of CommVault eventually increased to 4. So it is clear that CommVault will be one of the future skills in Our experts compiled Top 40 CommVault Interview Questions and Answers for freshers and Experienced, which will help you clear the interview.

Ans: Commvault is an information management platform where your information can be secured utilizing its software items.

The software items are equipped for taking up reinforcements and have a recovery executive process. Q2 Explain about CommVault Tool? Ans: CommVault is a data and the executives' arrangement that offers to manage and protect your business information. CommVault is a publicly-traded software organization established in , situated in the United States of America.

This product can be utilized for cloud management, data backup, and recovery. CommVault, which is also known as Simpana, Software empowers us to access and utilize their information, anyplace, and whenever transforming the information into a ground-breaking vital resource. This software solution revamps the data's security for the expansive NetApp storage portfolio, and many firms use the CommVault as a reinforcement for the information recuperation purpose.

Q3 Explain the features of CommVault? Ans: Following are some of the features of CommVault:. Delivers efficient storage management using duplication for tape and disk.

It provides security to the data and supports all major operating systems, mobile devices, databases, and applications. Offers simplified management through a single console. Provides encryption and security. Clients can use third-party screen readers with the help of a web console, admin console management, and command-line interface. Ans: Following are various ways of doing High Availability:.

Ans: The storage policy typically relies on customer reinforcement and storage plans. It characterizes which data should be stored and what kind of data should be stored.

Further, the information is stored in a secured environment. Ans: CommVault had only one primary copy, and for that, there will be auxiliary types of copies. Selective Copy: A Selective copy is a cycle that will permit a person to duplicate a particular set of reinforcements from a source copy.

The source can be one of the accompanying, primary copy, or asynchronous copy. A selective copy turns out better for tape rotation. Synchronous Copy: In Synchronous copy, it includes primary data from the source copy.

IntelliSnap Backup Copy: In this copy phase, both the essential and auxiliary duplicates are stored to be accessible during the reinforcement stage. If the auxiliary storage doesn't have the necessary space, then the backup task will fail. Ans: Deduplication is a proficient method of sending and storing the information by eliminating and duplication the information during backup.

When duplication is enabled, storage policy and DDB backup subclient are also under the media customer agent and file system agent where the DDBs are facilitated. Q9 Explain how to configure the CommVault Proxy? Ans: Following are the steps to configure the CommVault proxy:. Step1: Right-click on the customer PC to be utilized as a Commvault proxy from the Commvault browser and select the properties. Step2: From the properties dialog box, click on the Network button and select the configure firewall settings checkbox.

Ans: The global deduplication strategy furnishes a typical deduplication database DDB that can be shared by different storage strategy duplicates. It permits the deduplication of information from various copies, which results in eliminating excess information. Q11 Explain the Commcell Environment? Ans: A Commcell climate is the legitimate gathering of all the software segments that manage, transfer, and secure the information. It consists of clients, MediaAgent, and CommServe hosts.

CommServe - It is the central management element that organizes and executes all Commcell activities. MediaAgent - It is an information transmission administrator in the Commcell climate, which empowers high-performance information that develops and handles information storage libraries.

Client - A Client is a legitimate gathering of agents that characterize movement, protection, and management of information related to the clients. Q13 Explain how CommVault works? Ans: Commvault software consists of various modules for searching, analyzing, protecting, and replicating the information; all these modules share similar back-end services and advanced capacities to consistently interface with one another.

Information is ensured by installing agent software on the virtual or physical hosts that utilization the application's local APIs or working frameworks to secure information in a predictable state.

This information is then supported up through Media Agent to the plate, tape, or distributed storage. The whole information is managed by a centralized server is also known as CommServe. Q14 Explain the use of proxy servers in CommVault?

Ans: The utilization of the proxy server is primarily to decrease the load on the production server. The proxy servers utilize the reinforcement activities to pass the snapshot of the data to reinforcement media. The snapshot is then unmounted for additional usage. The mounted snapshot is used as a file system and the necessary content will be perused. Inclined to build a profession as CommVault Developer? Then here is the blog post on, explore CommVault Training.

Q15 What happened in the backup copy activities in the proxy server? Ans: During the backup copy tasks the accompanying operations are executed:. The snapshot of the data is mounted to the ESX server which is exclusively assigned for the snap mount.

When the snap is mounted then it is treated as a file framework and the necessary elements are prepared and read. The reinforcement of the file framework is performed to the Primary duplicate of the storage strategy. When the reinforcement duplicate occupation is done, at that point the snapshot will be unmounted. Q16 List out the regular backup failures that most of the clients experienced in CommVault?

Ans: Following are the most frequent backup failures that are reported by the clients:. Client Services might be shut down for maintenance. Data path Offline Media agent Offline Network communication issues VSS snapshot backup issues Destination disk libraries full Q17 How to use a set of specific tapes for a server backup or a list of server backups? Ans: You can make another scratch pool and all the required media can be transferred to the scratch pool.

A sub-customer is appended to a scratch pool which will be utilized. This procedure can possible at two levels they are:. Ans: A Silo is a cluster of disk volume files that are related to the Deduplication Database.

It contains the deduplicated information that is composed of the disk storage. Ans: A hash algorithm is utilized in the deduplication operation in the Commvault at whatever point a square of information is perused from the source and an exceptional mark is created for the square of information utilizing a hash algorithm.

Q20 What is the default size of the block for deduplicated storage policies? Ans: The default block size for deduplicated storage policies is kb. Q21 What percentage of the deduplication ratio is able to be maintained so far? Ans: This is a common answer and the ratio that can be able to maintain so far is:. Q22 How can you access reports in CommVault? Ans: To gain access to reports, go to the web browser by clicking the URL in a browser.

Sign in to the account and click on 'Reports'. On account of a private measurements reporting server, you will have the option to see the reports in the CommCell console. Q23 Tell us about Intellisnap? Ans: Intellisnap reinforcement is utilized to develop a point-in-time snapshot of the information. It is primarily used for taking backup of live information and afterward proceeding with the live activities.

Q24 Differentiate between Snapshot and clone in CommVault? Ans: Cloning is only duplicating something while a snapshot creates an underlying copy and afterward rolls out, resulting in improvements.

Both cloning and snapshot are granted as acceptable methodologies for disaster recovery. Q25 Explain how a VMware backup works? Ans: The VMware reinforcements are prepared in an accompanying way:. Typically, VMware snapshot reinforcements are performed utilizing the intermediary servers. Inside the intermediary servers, we will establish a software called Virtual server agent, for example VSA. Where a snapshot of VM is performed, and it is mounted in an intermediary server as it were.

From the intermediary server, the snapshot picture is sponsored up with the reinforcement cycle usage and will take care of the media agent. Ans: IntelliSnap recovery manager IRM is utilized to implement hardware storage operations snapshot into a recuperation procedure with no impact on the production server.

It likewise gives a unified setup wizard through which you can configure policies, storage media and etc. Snapshot task begins through an on-demand Intellisnap task or schedule from the Commcell console. The array is approached through a snapshot task when it is established to develop a snapshot of the content. The snapshot is mounted for post-snap activities on the source PC.

The snapshot is unmounted. Q28 List out various types of backups that are available in CommVault?

CommVault Interview Questions

Post a comment. Skip to content. Below are some of the frequently asked Commvault Backup Interview questions and Answers. Comment or submit more interview questions if you have so that we can update. Also check for suspended and queued Jobs. Below are some of the health check tasks. Daily activities.

The CommVault - most demanding data protection and information solution which provides mid and enterprise-level organization worldwide. Before enterprises were struggling to protect and access all of their data. So what are you waiting for? Now let's have a look into the commvault interview questions based on the basic, intermediate and advanced levels. It helps organizations access, protect and use all of their data to its true value.

Commvault Interview Questions And Answers Here Coding compiler sharing a list of 30 interview questions on Commvault. These Commvault questions were asked in various interviews conducted by top MNC companies and prepared by Commvault experts. We are sure that these real-time advanced Commvault interview questions for experienced , will help you to crack your next Commvault job interview. All the best for your future and happy learning. A Commvault software assists organizations with data backup and recovery, cloud and infrastructure management, and retention and compliance. Commvault software is an enterprise-level data platform that contains modules to back up, restore, archive, replicate, and search data.

Frequently asked Commvault Backup Interview Questions and Answers

If you are in search of Commvault interview questions, then you have landed at the right place. In this blog, we have collected the most frequently asked Commvault Interview Questions and Answers for both freshers and experienced, which will help you to ace the interview. The questions presented here are curated based on the opinions of Commvault industry experts. This course will help you to achieve excellence in this domain. To simplify your interview preparation process, we have segregated interview questions they are:.

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Commvault Interview Questions & Answers

Check if any of the task possesses delay reasons, conjointly check for the roles that are running for over twenty four hours. Below are a number of the check-up tasks. CommVault software system delivers access, protection and sharing for e information faithfully, firmly and value effectively whether or not within the field, remote web site or home office. Reduce Risk, minimize information outpouring, improve information handiness and meet compliance necessities.

Don't miss our update. Backup Master Commvault Commvault frequently asked interview questions - With best described answers. Saturday, April 27, There are lot of opportunities from many reputed companies in the world. According to research CommVault has a market share of about 4.

Commvault Backup Interview Questions · Q How does Commvault backup work? · Q What are the common/regular backup failures that one experiences most.

CommVault Interview Questions And Answers

According to Forbes, there are wonderful opportunities for freshers and experienced candidates in the tech market. The share value of CommVault eventually increased to 4. So it is clear that CommVault will be one of the future skills in

Storage associates the client Backup to storage Disk or Tape Lib. The global deduplication policy enables deduplication across multiple storage policies that uses a common set of disk libraries and deduplication database DDB. The types of copies are. Right-click the mount path, and then click Share Mount Path. Set it to dafault mount Path.

Know matter you are fresher or experienced there are huge openings in Commvault jobs? We provide you with the complete Commvault interview Question and Answers on our page. Commvault is a company that offers good jobs for both freshers and seniors. So, to know more about Commvault Interview Question and Answers and for various positions please visit our site Wisdomjobs. Question 1.


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