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The relationships between cancer and stemness have a long history that is traced here.

Mesenchymal stem cells MSCs are among the most frequently used cell type for regenerative medicine. A large number of studies have shown the beneficial effects of MSC-based therapies to treat different pathologies, including neurological disorders, cardiac ischemia, diabetes, and bone and cartilage diseases.

Cancer Stem Cells: From Historical Roots to a New Perspective

Some day, stem cells will be enlisted to help repair or replace damaged tissues and organs. They will rescue us from diseases for which drugs can only treat the symptoms. But they may have another role in our lives, one that is not so beneficial. They may in fact be the source of some, and possibly most cancers. Lurking somewhere within every tumor, some say, are a few stem cells that have lost their genetic marbles, so to speak - continuously supplying a malignant mass with cancerous cells. Stem cells are key to our normal development and health from conception through adulthood. Embryonic stem cells produce the progenitors and patterns that determine how our organs, muscles, sinews, and skeletons are formed and how they are arranged in the body.

Tristetraprolin expression by keratinocytes protects against skin carcinogenesis. JCI Insight. Doi: Fat1 deletion promotes hybrid EMT state, tumour stemness and metastasis. Targeting the epigenetic addiction of Merkel cell carcinoma. Dev Cell.

These discoveries are placed within the structural context of tissue and developmental biology in sections dealing with recent advances in understanding different types of stem cell biology and their potential applications in tissue repair and regeneration and in the treatment different types of human cancer and genetic diseases or disorders. He is a longstanding lecturer and translational scientist at the University, and is a member of several societies and journal editorial boards focused on stem cells. Pham and his colleagues have established one of the first multidisciplinary stem cell center in Vietnam, and he has successfully launched an array of technologies in stem cell isolations. His research interests include stem cell isolation, stem cell therapy, mesenchymal stem cells, cancer stem cells, immunotherapy and regenerative medicine and he has published extensively in these areas. After many years of experience as an embryologist, cell biologist, and molecular biologist, collaborating with leading researchers in Singapore, Japan, and the United States, Dr. Pham is a student again, keen to reach beyond the traditional boundaries of biology.

Role of stem cells in cancer therapy and cancer stem cells: a review

Metrics details. For over 30 years, stem cells have been used in the replenishment of blood and immune systems damaged by the cancer cells or during treatment of cancer by chemotherapy or radiotherapy. Apart from their use in the immuno-reconstitution, the stem cells have been reported to contribute in the tissue regeneration and as delivery vehicles in the cancer treatments. The recent concept of 'cancer stem cells' has directed scientific communities towards a different wide new area of research field and possible potential future treatment modalities for the cancer. Aim of this review is primarily focus on the recent developments in the use of the stem cells in the cancer treatments, then to discuss the cancer stem cells, now considered as backbone in the development of the cancer; and their role in carcinogenesis and their implications in the development of possible new cancer treatment options in future.

evidences show that not every tumor cell is capable of initiating a tumor. Only a small part of the cancer cells, called cancer stem cells (CSCs), can generate a.

Stem Cells for Cancer and Genetic Disease Treatment

Search for the other articles from the author in: Google Scholar PubMed. Total Citations. Submitted: Oct 6, Published: Jun 12,

Molecular signature of cancer stem cells isolated from prostate carcinoma and expression of stem markers in different Gleason grades and metastasis. Enrique A. Institute of Biomedical Sciences. Faculty of Medicine.

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Stem Cell or Bone Marrow Transplant

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In this group, hematopoietic stem cells (HSCs), mesenchymal stem cells (MSCs), and neural stem cells (NSCs) are often utilized in cancer.



PDF | Metastatic cancer cells generally cannot be eradicated using in regenerative medicine, immunotherapy, cancer stem cell-targeted.


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PDF | Our knowledge of carcinogenesis has tremendously improved through Significant advances made recently in the cancer stem cell (CSC) biology field.


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