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Jet Lag Trends And Coping Strategies Pdf

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Global travel and international compe-tition are inevitable for the modern-day athlete and sports team. Jet lag can cause disarray for the individual athlete as well as for the whole team.

Arendt, J. Managing jet lag: Some of the problems and possible new solutions. Sleep Medicine Reviews, 12, Auger, R.

Jet lag syndrome: circadian organization, pathophysiology, and management strategies

Jet lag is a physiological condition that results from alterations to the body's circadian rhythms caused by rapid long-distance trans-meridian east—west or west—east travel. For example, someone flying from New York to London , i. Jet lag was previously classified as one of the circadian rhythm sleep disorders. The condition of jet lag may last several days before the traveller is fully adjusted to the new time zone ; a recovery period of one day per time zone crossed is a suggested guideline. Jet lag is especially an issue for airline pilots, aircraft crew, and frequent travellers. Airlines have regulations aimed at combating pilot fatigue caused by jet lag.

View all 29 Articles. Air travel across several time zones, i. Anecdotally, these effects are often referred to collectively as jet lag, but they are actually two separate phenomena—travel fatigue and jet lag—each with their own causes and consequences Waterhouse et al. Travel fatigue refers to a collection of symptoms that occur during or immediately after long flights. These symptoms include fatigue, disorientation, and headache Waterhouse et al. In contrast, jet lag refers to a collection of symptoms that occur in the days after flight across three or more time zones. These symptoms include headache, irritability, daytime sleepiness, difficulty sleeping at night, poor mental and physical performance, and poor gastrointestinal function Waterhouse et al.

Evaluation of Early Jet Lag Symptoms by Passengers Crossing 7 Time Zones

The circadian system regulates the cyclical occurrence of wakefulness and sleep through a series of oscillatory networks that comprise two different theoretical processes. The suprachiasmatic nucleus SCN of the hypothalamus contains the master oscillatory network necessary for coordinating these daily rhythms, and in addition to its ability to robustly generate rhythms, it can also synchronize to environmental light cues. During jet lag, abrupt shifts in the environmental light—dark cycle temporarily desynchronize the SCN and downstream oscillatory networks from each other, resulting in increased sleepiness and impaired daytime functioning. Polysomnographic data show that not only does jet lag result in changes of sleep—wake timing, but also in different aspects of sleep architecture. This type of circadian misalignment can further lead to a cluster of symptoms including major metabolic, cardiovascular, psychiatric, and neurological impairments. There are a number of treatment options for jet lag involving bright light exposure, melatonin, and use of hypnotics, but their efficacy greatly depends on their time of use, the length of time in the new time zone, and the specific circadian disturbance involved.

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Evaluation of Early Jet Lag Symptoms by Passengers Crossing 7 Time Zones

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When establishing risk, clinicians should first determine how many time zones the traveler will cross and what the discrepancy will be between time of day at home and at the destination.


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Request PDF | Jet lag: Trends and coping strategies | The number of travellers undertaking long-distance flights has continued to increase.


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