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It handles various activities like invoicing, delivery, decision making, accounts receivable and so on. You can record and update information from customer visit or telephone call in Activity Journal.

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SAP CRM - Questions & Answers

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The programs in this book have been included for instructional value only. They have been tested with care but are not guaranteed for any particular purpose. The publisher does not offer any warranties or representations not does it accept any liabilities with respect to the programs.

This publisher gratefully acknowledges SAP permission to use its trademark in this publication. SAP AG is not the publisher of this book and is not responsible for it under any aspect of the law. They range from business strategy, functional and technical questions. The following questions are not targeted to one specific application area or tier of the platform but instead are a mix of technical, functional and business questions.

The enhanced version allows for multiple assignments of a single object. As an example, in R3, a sales group can be assigned to multiple sales offices. In the standard organization model, this is not possible.

Before CRM 4. So in 4. I created it with a role prospect. Later on, this partner has given me some business. Shall I create a new record for this business partner or change the existing partner record like a prospect to sell to party. Is it an end user or a functional consultant? For example, if I created a prospect in CRM enterprise on production server and in due course, this business partner have given me some business.

It depends on specific situations and required functionalities. If you are talking about a project mode where you as a consultant are customizing and developing, for example CRM online, you might want to have a master data to test your configuration. In that case, you probably will create some of your own master data simply to test everything you are configuring development system.

On a production system however, it is usually the end user - 4 -. You would have to change the classification of the business partner see tab page classification hours from prospect to customer.

Again, where you do it depends on your setup. Initial download of pricing customizing has been done. I have checked the configuration for the conditions not shown. If you are trying to create condition records for a marketing campaign, you will need to do a couple of things: 1. The answers are provided according to the number they were asked: 1.

You are indeed working in SAP Netweaver environment. SAP Netweaver is an open platform for integration purposes. Depending on what the customer will be implementing, you will of course have a different system landscape. Just do some reading on SAP Netweaver technology. You don t need to get into real detail. Just check out information on help.

There is a lot of information available. What are the activities that they have to do in EP? The enterprise portal is a Portal which allows people to have a single point of access to different applications, tools, and other information sources.

For example, it is possible to have via single sign on the SAP EP enterprise portal access to CRM processes like marketing and campaign management, service processes, but at the same time access to BW reports and or queries, and database access to non SAP database related data. Every role gives access to specific work sets which give access to specific Iviews or screens. The way I approach things is usually the following supposing that the customer is considering implementing SAP CRM : 1 First you analyze business requirements.

What processes are being used? Are the processes working in an optimal way? How can you improve them from a business perspective? Therefore I usually do a lot of research on different sources. But one of the best search tools for SAP functionality are internet search engines, such as Google. In the SAP Menu, you can click open the relevant folders, and display the Transaction codes by displaying the technical names.

Look up function modules via transaction code SE Business Add-ins via SE Usually relevant BAdI s are also. In order to understand how everything works, I advise you first to read existing documentation power points about for example IC Webclient, SAP help information and also the relevant Customizing documentation.

What are the integration points within CRM and with other systems? B QA quality assurance system : for end user training and especially for unit testing and integration testing purposes. C Productive system. Integration in this case happened via the CRM middleware.

They can be activated content and replicated to the BW System for data analysis. Do I need to attend both trainings? Since most likely you re familiar with dynpro s and the business logic is the same for both UIs I d recommend for you to attend the Webclient training. The courses available are: CR IC Winclient CR IC Webclient I followed both courses, and depending on what you want to implement or what the customer will be implementing you should best follow the specific course!

You should know that the basic principles processes and. In case of performance and stability you are better of with the Winclient, although SAP is running up on that matter also for the Webclient.

SAP claims that both UI should be comparable! Furthermore, from an end user perspective, the way of using the two tools, is quite different. The Webclient is much more user friendly and the overview is much easier and intuitive. Customizing for both applications is done separately.

They overlap however sometimes, so do not implement both UI at the same time on the same server. The IC Webclient is much more flexible, since you can easily change screen fields, screens, layout and stuff like that! But I would not take easy in a literal way. Typically you will need following resources: - Functional consultant who understands call center processes can analyze customer requirements; customize. When interviewing a possible candidate, what are the interview questions that I should ask in relevance to IC Webclient, Marketing, and Base Customization?

Here are some probabilities: - Project experience? Which components? What is the added value? What do we lose if we do not replicate these Sales Order s over? If I want to see the past sales order history with the customers within CRM guys not from the web , do I need to replicate the sales order over?

Are there other means of seeing these orders? I can understand why CR and DR are required but am not sure about the others. I guess it could depend on your interaction channel. As an example, if you want to show the order status in the ISA web shop, you will need to have the documents replicated to CRM.

It is likely that in your business partner fact sheet, you will want to include an info block that displays sales order history and allows for drill down into the transactions. Open Orders and Orders for the last n months, that kind of thing. If so, I would bring these documents over to CRM. To transfer the order it has to be configured in both systems and middleware parameters set up.

There is a step 4. However, I encountered: The requested resource does not exist error. I have checked with the Basis person and he has no idea why the system does not recognize the URL.

Why is this happening? So when you click the link and it asks you for the login and password, it refers to the Java Server on which the ISA resides. This is just to cross check whether the download is happening correctly or not. I checked all queues, and no data is stuck. It stops the delta queue during the initial download. Shouldn t It be downloaded to table BUT doesn t it?

I also checked the RFC connection, and it is fine. Upon double clicking, it says the following:. This is probably due to an error in the ABAP program. I searched the SAP note for this, but did not get anything remotely close to the problem. Still, the table BUT is empty. In ST22, it shows the same status as above.

But this is shown available in BW.

SAP CRM Interview Questions

SAP CRM is one of the key module in an organization which deals with handling customer effectively and efficiently. SAP CRM is known as integrated customer relationship management module by SAP that helps organization to achieve their business goals and allows to perform all Customer Relationship tasks efficiently. CRM is one of key component for making business strategy for medium and large scale organizations and helps in understanding the customers, their needs and customer service effectively. SAP CRM allows organization to achieve customer satisfaction by meeting the service expectation and providing products required by customers. These tools allow you to add new fields, change layout, add tables, etc. SAP CRM Sales allows organization to manage their sales related activities like reducing sales cycle, increase productivity of sales team, increase revenue, and customer satisfaction and loyalty.

The changes which are made by companies are made in a really competitive environment and so it is necessary that these changes be dynamic in nature. Customer services should be handled really carefully. This software tool helps the company to manage all their business and also handles tasks related to customer service really efficiently. Both medium, as well as large-scale organization, consider CRM to be the key factor in their business strategy which helps them in making a better understanding of the needs of the customer. Customer satisfaction is achieved greatly by this tool SAP CRM which successfully provides the products which are required by the customers. The sales prospect and the sales volume are actually defined as an Opportunity. Requested product or service and also be defined as an Opportunity.

It handles various activities like invoicing, delivery, decision making, accounts receivable and so on. What is master data in sap crm? What is the relation between crm and sapr3 architecture? This is done thru middle ware concept connectivity , for which you should posses knowledge on the middleware concepts. Explain some example of business object, customizing object, condition object?

1) What is SAP CRM? 2) Mention what are the master data in SAP CRM? 3) Explain what is Activity Journal? 4) Mention what is the standard transaction type for Quotation? 5) Explain what is partner function in SAP CRM? 6) Explain what is text determination in SAP CRM? 7) Explain what is Actions in SAP CRM?


Well, you have reached the right place. Ans: In marketing to execute a campaign, you need a Target group. Q3 Explain some examples of business objects, customizing objects, condition objects?

ISBN All rights reserved. No part of this publication may be reproduced, stored in a retrieval system, or transmitted in any form or by any means, electronic, mechanical, photocopying, recording or otherwise, without either the prior written permission of the publisher or a license permitting restricted copying in the United States or abroad. The programs in this book have been included for instructional value only.

Metadata is all the data regarding data. CRM has quite a lot of Metadata, which includes the types of field, auditing, optionsetvalue,etc. For retrieving metadata the user is required to use webservices, RetrieveEntityRequest for entity Metadata and RetrieveAttributeRequest. In CRM, text can be utilized for exchanging the information between the customers, partners or between the users. Text can be created for sales document header, customer master, item, billing document header and item and so on.

Top 25 SAP CRM Interview Questions & Answers

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SAP CRM Functional Interview Questions And Answers

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CRM functional is purely on maintaining customer relations.


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