simple interest and compound interest formulas pdf

Simple Interest And Compound Interest Formulas Pdf

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Compound Interest Formula: The questions based on the compound interest calculate the interest on interest, based on the initial principal. Compound Interest is an interesting topic that helps you to calculate interest in your daily life. You can learn shortcut methods, Compound interest formulas to solve the questions on this topic. To score good marks in any exam, it is necessary to have knowledge of the important topics and clear the basic concepts.

Compound Interest Formulas, Tricks And Questions

Interest may be defined as the charge for using the borrowed money. It is an expense for the person who borrows money and income for the person who lends money. Interest is charged on principal amount at a certain rate for a certain period. Principal amount means the amount of money that is originally borrowed from an individual or a financial institution. It does not include interest. In practice, the interest is charged using one of two methods.

Simple interest and compound interest formulas for CAT pdf

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A sum of money lent out at simple interest amounts to Rs. after 2 years and to Formulas. Case 1. When interest is not Compound y. Amount after 't' years A.

8 Simple and Compound Interest

There are two ways for a lender to charge interest on a loan , which are the simple interest and compound interest methods. Simple interest is calculated based solely on a percentage of the loaned amount, while compound interest is calculated based on a percentage of the loaned amount and interest. The higher the frequency of compounding, the higher the return will be for the lender.

Interest rates are very powerful and intriguing mathematical concepts. Our banking and finance sector revolves around these interest rates. One minor change in these rates could have tremendous and astonishing impacts over the economy. But why? Before determining the reason of this why?

Loan Balance Situation: A person initially borrows an amount A and in return agrees to make n repayments per year, each of an amount P. While the person is repaying the loan, interest is accumulating at an annual percentage rate of r, and this interest is compounded n times a year along with each payment. Therefore, the person must continue paying these installments of amount P until the original amount and any accumulated interest is repaid. This equation gives the amount B that the person still needs to repay after t years.

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In worksheet on compound interest we will solve different types of questions where compound interest is calculated annually, where compound interest is calculated half-yearly and where compound interest is calculated quarterly by using formulas. She lent it to Andy at the same rate but compounded annually. Find her gain after 2 years. What amount will he get on maturity?

Simple Interest S. I and Compound Interest C. I is one of the easiest topics in CAT quantitative section. CAT aspirants are required to apply various formulas on Simple Interest and compound interest to solve various questions. Learn more on simple interest and compound interest.

Simple and Compound Interest

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8 Simple and Compound Interest

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