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Collaborative NRM often relies on integrating indigenous knowledge IK with conventional NRM practice and academic-inspired scientific knowledge SK; Bohensky and Maru ; however, within these cross-cultural collaborations, the complexity of IK is not always fully realized Muller Projects within the natural sciences, for instance, involve components of IKSs that might complement conventional perspectives but sometimes preclude other dimensions of IK from consideration Barbour and Schlesinger Notably, conceptual frameworks methodologically driven within the complexity of IKSs, while remaining relevant to NRM, are canvassed by Holmes and Jampijinpa and Walsh et al. Generated through extensive fieldwork with two Australian Aboriginal, or indigenous, groups, our discussion offers a conceptual framework that highlights particularly to wetland ecologists and managers how multiple and interacting dimensions of IKSs relate to enduring wetland management.

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Wetland Ecology Principles And Conservation

General introduction to housing, husbandry, behavior, genetics, nutrition, reproduction, animal health, and disease control of native and exotic species in zoological parks and other animal conservation facilities; emphasizes the role of captive animals in wildlife conservation. Graded on A-F basis only. Credit Hour s : 3. Introduces important principles and concepts of zoology. Emphasizes cell biology; evolution; genetics; ecology; structure, function, development of the organism. Credit Hour s : 5. Basic principles and processes of genetics and evolution and their importance for management and conservation.

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Not all courses are offered every semester. Refer to the schedule of courses for each term's specific offerings. More Info.

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The Department of Wildlife Ecology and Conservation offers a breadth of graduate programs that are designed to prepare students for professional employment in conservation of natural resources in a changing world. WEC faculty teach, conduct research, and provide service and extension in the following areas: avian ecology, behavioral ecology, community ecology, conservation biology, conservation education, conservation genetics, ecosystem management, environmental interpretation, habitat restoration, global change ecology, herpetofaunal ecology, human dimensions of wildlife management, international conservation, introduced species, landscape ecology, macroecology, mammalian behavior, marine mammal ecology, plant ecology, population biology, range ecology, systems ecology, tropical conservation, urban wildlife relations, wetlands ecology, wildlife diseases, and wildlife management. The Doctor of Philosophy PhD program in Wildlife Ecology and Conservation serves graduate students conducting advanced, original studies of fundamental ecological and social sciences e. The Master of Science, non-thesis MS program in Wildlife Ecology and Conservation provides advanced training for students in technical and professional aspects of wildlife management, conservation, and public education, emphasizing written and oral communication of scientific information. Requirements for these degrees are given in the Graduate Degrees section of this catalog. Wildlife Ecology and Conservation graduate.

Introduction to environmental sciences and current environment issues. Topics include population growth, world food supplies, agriculture and the environment, biodiversity, fossil fuels and "green" energy issues, endangered and threatened species, water use, conservation and pollution, global warming, acid rain, ozone depletion, waste management and reduction, recycling, toxins and health, mineral resources, and environmental policies and regulations. Course addresses the complex relationships between the human race and the natural systems that contain our air, water, energy, and biotic and food resources. This course is an introduction to the conservation, diversity and ecology of animals. The diversity of fish, reptiles, amphibians, mammals, and birds both around the world and in Illinois will be explored. The course will have a strong conservation component where students are introduced to a variety of threats facing animals.

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The Canadian Parks Council is an organization consisting of senior managers representing Canada's federal, provincial, and territorial parks agencies. It provides a Canada-wide forum for inter-governmental information sharing and action on parks and protected areas around four key shared interests: protection, heritage appreciation, outdoor recreation, and tourism and the economy. These principles and guidelines were developed on behalf of the Canadian Parks Council by a multi-jurisdictional, multi-functional working group led by Parks Canada. They were reviewed and endorsed by the Canadian Parks Council in May In September they were approved by ministers responsible for parks as a pan-Canadian approach that may be applied as appropriate to the mandates, policies, and priorities of individual parks and protected areas jurisdictions. The organizations identified below were represented on the working group:.

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Buy Wetland Ecology: Principles and Conservation on etcc2016.org ✓ FREE Innovation Professor of Wetland Science, SUNY- Brockport and former editor of.


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