mutual assured production why trade will limit conflict bbetween china and japan pdf

Mutual Assured Production Why Trade Will Limit Conflict Bbetween China And Japan Pdf

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Despite the large volume, amount of detail, and interesting insights produced by foreign and Chinese observers, the number of empirically based comparisons is small, and the cases examined are often so diverse that it is difficult to determine what is being compared and how to interpret their findings. For example, depending on the study consulted, one learns that China has a grand strategy and a rather detailed plan that guide its foreign interactions or that it addresses problems and opportunities in an ad hoc and pragmatic way.

United States , China. It is based on a regional status competition, which is increasingly becoming global. It is about dominance in the digital age. However, China is the only great power that can potentially threaten the status of the United States. Its new confrontational approach has broad support; there are currently few political incentives to take a more relaxed attitude to the economic and security threats posed by China.

China–Japan relations

Recently, the tension between Japan and China is quickly escalating. One of the critical sources of conflict is the territorial dispute over the Senkaku Islands. The goal of this study is to examine how Japanese citizens develop policy preferences toward China in the issue of the Senkaku Islands. Regarding this matter, it is possible to suggest two scenarios.

First, realist concerns among Japanese citizens will boost support for a hawkish approach against China as defending territories is one of the most important concerns for states in the international system. The second scenario prescribes that economic interdependence between Japan and China will undermine the support for a firm approach against China. This perspective is based on the idea that economic interdependence prevents states from going to war with each other.

The present research examines the validity of these two competing hypotheses. Statistical analysis relying on the survey data from Japan lends support to the realist perspective. Dissecting the process through which Japanese citizens develop their policy preferences toward China, this study makes an important contribution to the literature of international relations, thus generating critical implications that are highly useful in the real world.

This is a preview of subscription content, access via your institution. Rent this article via DeepDyve. These islands are called the Diaoyu Islands in Chinese, but I consistently adopted the term the Senkaku Islands in this article; I do not make any political claims regarding the sovereignty of these islands. For few exceptions, see the analysis by Genron NPO [ 24 ]. Maoz [ 47 ] integrates both realist and liberal perspectives into the single model at the state-level analysis.

Using a qualitative method, Smith [ 68 ] examines realist and liberal perspectives in the context of Sino-Japanese relations in East Asia. For one of the exceptions that adopted individual-level data, see Arai and Izumikawa [ 5 ]. Arai and Izumikawa [ 5 ] suggest that their experiment does not support the liberal perspective based on the theory of economic interdependence.

Han and Zweig [ 29 ] show that Chinese citizens who spent some time in Japan and work for companies with Japanese investment tend to indicate more internationalistic attitudes. Although random sampling is not possible in an online survey, this should not pose a serious problem since the main goal of the present research is to draw causal inference between key independent variables and the dependent variable using the samples that are available.

Spring Questionnaire Q99 [ 60 ]. Spring Questionnaire Q I have operationalized these questions so that higher threat perceptions receive a higher value.

The Pew Research Center Global Attitudes and Trends [ 60 ] Questionnaire, Q asked the question that is similar to the second question in this study. I adopted this question from Karasawa [ 38 ], whose study is based on the work of Kosterman and Feshbach [ 43 ]. This variable was coded so that higher values indicate higher educational attainments among respondents. Table 4 shows pairwise correlations between the dependent variable and demographic variables.

In the same way, Table 5 exhibits correlations between the dependent variable and other independent variables. In a preliminary analysis, I separately included each of the variables that capture interdependence. Yet, the analysis fails to show a significant impact of interdependence on the dependent variable.

I have tested if interdependence variables can modify the impact of realist variables by creating interaction terms between these two perspectives. None of these models showed a statistically significant impact of the interaction terms. Allison, R. Sociological Forum , 26 3 , Google Scholar. Alvstam, C. Asia Pacific Viewpoint, 50 2 , Angell, N. New York: G. Aoyama, R. East Asia Forum , 21 August. Accessed 22 April Arai, K. Nihonjhin ha dono teido buryoku kousi ni maemuki nanoka? Senkaku shotou yuuji simulation wo mochiita sentaku jekken in Japanese.

Leviathan , 54 spring , Baibieri, K. Journal of Peace Research, 33 1 , Benett, S. International Studies Quarterly, 50 2 , Berger, T. Brzezinski, Z. Clash of the Titans. Foreign Policy. Buszynski, L. Contemporary Southeast Asia, 31 1 , Cabinet Office. Government of Japan. Calder, K. Foreign Affairs, 85 2 , Callahan, W. Review of International Studies, 31 4 , Chung, A. Economic Interest or Security Concerns? Asian Journal of Political Science, 25 1 , Davidson, P.

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Uneasy Partnerships

Download the PDF. A screenshot from the Norse website, which monitors in real-time global efforts by hackers to break into international databases, highlights the cyber conflict between China and the United States. China-based hackers lead the world in numbers of attacks against other nations, including against the United States, which is the most frequent target of internet attacks. The vast majority of such attacks are aimed at economic and financial institutions, technology development firms, and government departments of administration. John Troxell from the Army War College to review the book War by Other Means: Geoeconomics and Statecraft by distinguished scholars Robert Blackwill and Jennifer Harris, the intent was to publish a book review essay evaluating the merits and relevance of the book. However, the project evolved from a mere book review into a detailed, full-length analysis that expanded in a kind of "variation on a theme" of the timely topics treated in the book. As a result, Military Review has elected to lead its January-February edition with this hybrid article: part book review, part independent research.

The Sino-American World Conflict

Recently, the tension between Japan and China is quickly escalating. One of the critical sources of conflict is the territorial dispute over the Senkaku Islands. The goal of this study is to examine how Japanese citizens develop policy preferences toward China in the issue of the Senkaku Islands.

Beijing has stepped up its persecution of the Muslim Uyghur minority in Xinjiang. It has clashed with Indian troops on their disputed border, and made territorial claims against neighbouring Bhutan. It has aggressively pressed its claim to almost all of the South China Sea, sinking a Vietnamese fishing boat in April and attacking another in June. And it has suggested that it might take control of Taiwan by force, while making increasingly aggressive military manoeuvres near the island. It has imposed tariffs and other sanctions on Australia for proposing an international inquiry into the origins and spread of the COVID pandemic.

Uneasy Partnerships


The countries are geographically separated by the East China Sea. Japan has been strongly influenced throughout history by the East , particularly Eastern China, through the gradual process of Sinicization with its language , architecture , culture , religion , philosophy , and law. When it opened trade relations with the West , particularly western Europe, in the midth century, Japan plunged itself through an active process of Europeanisation during the Meiji Restoration in adopting the customs of Europe through the process of Modernization , and began viewing China as an antiquated civilization, unable to defend itself against Western forces in part due to the First and Second Opium Wars along with the Eight-Nation Alliance 's involvement in suppressing the Boxer Rebellion. According to the Chinese government, the relationship between China and Japan has been strained at times by Japan's refusal to acknowledge its wartime past to the satisfaction of China.

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Japan Is Back: A Conversation With Shinzo Abe (pp. ) Mutual Assured Production: Why Trade Will Limit Conflict Between China and Japan (pp. , 24).


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The Sino-American World Conflict

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Charles P.

Mutual Assured Production. Why Trade Will Limit Conflict Between China and Japan. Richard Katz. RICHARD KATZ is Editor of the semiweekly.



Michael Green worked for President George W.


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